About Andrew Bressman

Andrew Bressman is the Managing Director of Signal Point Communications, a high-speed wired and wireless broadband service provider based in Hackensack, New Jersey. Mr. Bressman stewards all aspects of Signal Point, including sales, marketing, and business development. Originally kicking off with the focus of fulfilling the data communications needs of small to mid-sized businesses, Signal Point Communications rapidly expanded with the acquisition of market competitors and grew to a company of more than 200 employees.

A visionary in the technology and wireless industries, Bressman set his sights on developing opportunities in the corporate world. Through his leadership, Signal Point Communications has worked and continues to work with such major technology brands and wireless carriers such as; Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Motorola and Nokia. Andrew Bressman also successfully led Signal Point Communications in becoming one of the first providers of in-house 4G technology. Through his innovative thinking, he fostered partnerships that enabled the development of mini cell towers that could be placed within office buildings.

To date, Signal Point Communications have forged partnerships with many real estate companies—to name a few; MetLife, Hartz Mountain, Bernstein Real Estate, Newmark Properties and Monday Properties— to implement services. The company offers a comprehensive communications menu including wirless services (Wi-Fi(permanent and temporary) and wireless backhaul and redundancy), co-location, data transport, e-mail, enterprise voice services, pre-paid services, and web hosting. Priding itself on its dedicated customer service, Signal Point Communications offers 24-hour customer support manned by technicians 365 days a year.

Andrew Bressman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from University of Hartford. He resides in the greater New York City area.


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